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Leadership Pillars

We encourage the community to grow as individuals in order to link up with others and work collectively with the unified common goal of growing beyond limitations of racial and cultural lines and barriers.

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                  1. Humility: (H)im first, yo(U), (M)e, and (I) second, (LIT)erall(Y)
                  2. Secure leaders empower others
                  3. Don't get distracted by mistakes...acknowledge, learn, and grow
                  4. Leader's must first pause long enough to observe the needs, then feel the tug of a burden
                  5. Fast, pray, give and surround yourself with Godly counsel
                  6. Lead with your gifts
                  7. Always check your motives
                  8. Plan for a successor
                  9. Sow love
                  10. Stay grounded
                  11. Resolve to evolve
                  12. Faith in Christ is the Solid Foundation